Don Quixote, 2011, Japan

Genre: Comedy, Drama Fantasy
Episodes: 11

In don Quixote Matsuda Shota partners up with Takashi Katsumi. Matsuda Shota plays a shy and very emotional child welfare officer while Katsumi is a yakuza boss..

These two get switched sudenly and a story of friendship unfolds. The drama also focuses on a vriety of different story as the yakuza boss in Matsuda’s body has to do his job, helping children (and does a great job of it too; Shota is great at portraying the yakuza boss’s character; while Katsumi goes really well with the character of the shy welfare worker) ; while the shy welfare worker will be learning to man up in a yakuza world. a lot of it become a source of great hilarity and the drama will likely have you in stiches; the ensemble cast, such as the yakuza boss’ wife, Ayumi and  his right hand are also really lovable


  • body swap
  • friendship
  • yakuza
  • charitable
  • initiation
  • learning
  • children ad relationship with children
  • family relationships
  • contest
  • difficult situations
  • solving problems
  • humour and hilarity
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