Recommendation of the Moment: Legal High, Japan, 2012

If you’re looking for a  smart but entertaining  satire on drama cliches, if you want a beautiful anti-hero, if you like good humour, look no further:

Image                                     Legal High is for you!

  • Genre: Comedy, Legal
  • Episodes: 11

Is also a very good court drama, so you will get  case solving- or the little stories theme. Hilarity ensues when a naive heroine enters the law firm of an arrogant eccentric swine…can our heroine beat the eccentric who prides himself in his record of never losing a single case?  The drama has no romance, so if you’re into romance, you will be disappointed.  It is a send up to a lot of drama cliches, and even dramatic tensions, whilst at the same time it maintsins those tensions very well…the actors work together very well…it’s intelligent, very watachble and highly entertaining. Watch it and have the last laugh- because

“the truth is always comedy”.

More reviews and Comments here: MyDramalist-Legal High Page.

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