Reorganizing site

I think I may have underappreciated the fact that these themes will indeed grow. Consequently, I need to rethink how to organize and structure this,  because otherwise the themes tab section will grow out of propotions and will be unmeanagable and hard to peruse. I think I will have to divide the two big posts I made and instead keep themes one per post and then just group them as links under headings in one or two or three pages, rather than reposting them in thosands of pages, because I may run out of space that way. It should also make reediting them to add new dramas easier and faster, since they will be in separate posts, indexed under appropriate theme headings. Argh, the frustration!

And here I was hoping to keep things neat and clean.    All right, lets get down to it.


I have now rewritten both of my overviews…I am saving breaking down themes for individual posts, that way things will be manageable! Finally, this is getting somewhere near to getting sorted. Organising this sort of a blog is the most time consuming thing, especially for a newbie!

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