Identity Issues: I (Don’t) Wanna be you!

Soul swapping,  cross dressing or otherwise disguisng-pretending to be someone to deceive others are fairly popular themes  in Asian mini soaps. They problematise the question of identity inasmuch the subject deconstructs himself/herself by adopting a new coating layer. A variant is when a person presents a different, more professional image at work, in public but at home is really different. Another variant is that of masked vigilantes, sometimes reluctant ones.. The theme tends to asks the question- who am I and whether I am really who they think I am and whether I am who I really think I am.

  • Don Quixote
    is a soul swapping bromance.
  • Coffee prince
    features crossdressing theme and one which clearly asks the question – does gender matter at all in finding love?
  • Secret Garden
    a cold chabeol meets a tough stuntwoman. A classic “It’s a boy-girl thing” kind of theme
  • Hana Kimi
    cross dressing in school.
  • My Bratty Princess
    a comedic period piece – she disguises herself and in disguise meets the emperor and prince consort-to-be.
  • Eternal Happiness
    really similar to my bratty princess
  • The Switch
    a period piece which dealt with the switching at birth theme.
  • The Painter of the Wind
    a more serious take on the crossressing take- a girl disguises herself in order to learn about reading paitings and uncover the truth about what happened in her past
  • Sungyunkwan Scandal
    another comedic  period piece about female crossdressing
  • The Duo
    they’ve been switched at birth
  • Cinderella Man
    he takes the place of his brother
  • Princess Pearl
    comedic peiod piece in which look-alikes echange places-by accident.
  • Bu bu Jing Xin
  • You’re beautiful
    crossdressing for her brother, a girl becomes a member of a popular boysband
  • The Princess Man
    she takes the place of the princess because she wants to meets him..and it has consequences for the future
  • Ma Boy (2012)
    boy crossdressing as a girl
  • Hotaru no Hikari
    her workplace image is VASTLY different than who she is at home
  • Switch Girl!
    same as above
  • The Last Princess
  • Queen SeonDuk
    Deokman has little choice in the mattershe has to survive
  • My boss, my hero [j drama]
    a gangaster disguises himself for a teen in order to finish schooling..hilarity ensues
  • Mulan
  • Bridal Mask
  • Iljimae
  • Return of Iljimae
  • Descendants of Hong gil Dong
  • Damo
  • If I were you
    Chinese mind-switching movie.

As with the rest of the posts, more  dramas will be added. I think I have finally come up with a good way of indexing them for this purpose.

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