We are Family: Looking for Lost Family Members

Theme showing the struggles of finding and trying to reconnect with family members who were lost to us, orphaned children, children abandoned who want to find the truth about their origins.


    • The birth of the rich;
    • Giant
    • Golden Bride
    • Rich Man, Poor Woman
    • Endless Love,
    • Legend of Condor Heroes 2008
    • My princess
    • Stars Falling from the Sky
    • Bad Guy
    • Operation Proposal
    • Who are you?
    • Cain and Abel
    • King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu
    • Bara no nai hanaya
    • Drunken to love you
    • Operation Proposal
    • Damo
    • The Equator Man
    • Princess Pearl
    • Padam Padam  (father-son)
    • Shiroi Haru
    • TaeGukGi: BrotherHood of War
      A serious look at brotherhood torn between sides in a conflict. A powerful movie.

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