We are family: Supportive Family Members

These dramas focus on the good, supportive family relationships, where the family members are willing to go to any lengths to support their family and or individual members of their family.  More to come in future installments of the theme.

Themes- alphabetical Index

      • Bridal Mask
        Supportive older brother. Supportive to a fault.
      • Can You Hear My Heart
        Rivalry a little bit but  also a lot of support and closeness.
      • King2Hearts
        Another drama with bery beautiful, supportive brotherhood.
      • Fermentation Family
        This drama is in general about good people.
      • Giant
      • King of Baking Kim Tak Gu
        Kim is definitely a supportive brother
      • Taisetsu no Koto wa Subete Kimi Ga Oshiete Kureta
        the brothers work out their differences; the parents support their children
      • Padam, padam
      • Jejoongwon
      • Golden Bride
      • Bridal Mask
      • operation proposal
        there is something very touching here about being supportive in later episodes.
      • Oyako Daka
        a very old , very rare Japanese historical drama features a father and a son 
      • Postmen in the Mountain
        this Chinese movie is a record of a journey of a father and son. A story of initiation and passing on, in a sense,during which the father passes his job to his son.
      • Good luck!!!
      • Bara no nai Hanaya
      • Be strong geum soon, Golden Bride
        A standard weekend family drama- most of these contain supportive families.
      • Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteuru
        the father’s talk in that drama in one of the later episodes  made me bawl my eyes out – it was about dealing with being beautiful in a different way.
      • Daisukii!
      • Great Inheritance
      • It started with a kiss
      • My bratty Princess
      • Nagareboshi
        the character portrayed by Yukata is willing to go to lengths to support his sister
      • Secret garden:
        the father of Ha Ji Won’s character
      • Smiling Pasta
      • Stars falling from the Sky
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