Character Types: The Naive Hero(ine)

As it happens, a lot of dramas may feature a clumsy, more or less silly, naive but good-hearted character who makes all sorts of silly mistakes, is submissive, stupid but strong, is characterised by the noble idiot syndrome, is warm-hearted or otherwise  lacks intellect but is very loving (and lovable); some  such characters make significant progress throughout the drama- they are rookies who need to gain experience in order to learn; others never learn. Not all of these rookies are always very submissive or naive, either.  The standard naive heroine figure also tends to be typical for romcoms, but the variants of this figure are to be found in other genres as well.

    • Prosecutor princess
    • It Started with a Kiss
    • The princess Man
    • My princess
    • Endless love
    • Hotaru no hikari
    • King of Baking Kim Tak Go
    • Innocent steps (movie)
    • Lawyers of Korea
    • City Hall
    • Greatest love
    • Princess Lulu
    • Princess Pearl
    • Nodame Cantabile
    • Legend of Condor Heroes 08
    • Jumong
    • Jejoongwon
      Not so much naive as inexperienced and very humble;l to get where he needs to be  he has all sorts of obstacles, including  his own sense of humility, to overcome.
    • King2Hearts
      Lee Jae ha has a lot of growing up to do here!
    • Rich Man, Poor Woman
    • Miss no Good
    • operation Proposal
      our main lead learns quite a bit throughout his journeys
    • Pasta
    • Princess Lulu
    • Smiling Pasta
    • Stars Falling from the Sky
    • Sweet Relationship
    • Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
    • City Hall
    • Which star are you from?
    • Wild Romance
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