Conversations between authors.

By: Yeona and Bladey

A part of a series of conversations between authors. In this installment: Meet Yeona, the new author!

[Bladey]: So, I have just been joined by a good MDL friend of mine, Yeona. Visit Yeona on MDL right here: Yeona’s profile on MDL.  Welcome on board,  Yeona! Very glad to have you on board- blogging is just becoming more fun!  Why don’t you say a few words about yourself?

[Yeona]: Hi! Thank you Bladey for giving me the opportunity to join your blog. I have never had one so everything is new for me. I hope that I will be able to help you to make this blog even better than it is already.

I have been watching dramas since the summer of 2009.  My first asian drama was a historical one- Jewel in the palace aka Dae Jang Geum. I think that everyone should try once a historical drama even if is has more episodes than contemporary dramas.   I prefer to watch korean tv series/movies but I watch also japanese, taiwanese or chinese dramas. Actually, my number 1 at dramas is a chinese one- Three Kingdoms.                 I’m also a fan of korean pop and I like to listen to Beast or T-ara’s songs.

You can read more about me in the section What is this about?


[Bladey] So, how do you think we should proceed with reorganizing the blog? Don’t you think it’s a bit messy? Did you get lost whn you first had a look around?  How do you feel about blogging? What ideas do you have for your posts? What do you feel like you will be interested in posting about? 

[Yeona]: In my opinion, the blog is very well organized. It was hard when I had to put an avatar or edit a post but when I wanted to read one of your articles, I found it very easily. Maybe we should make the blog more…. colorful?

[Bladey]  Haha, point taken. Let’s think about adding more colours then. When I originally created the blog, I wanted to have something associated with travel and journeying. I came up with this sepia sort of design, as it has this time travel feel to it for me, and I like to think what we are doing here is essentially travelling: through different themes, modern dramas, historical dramas, past and present, music too.  I think there is a certainly a way of adding more colours while maintaining the original idea, we may think of changing the theme to adapt to the needs we agree on.However, it may be tricky, because there is a limited number of versatile free wordpress themes and the css option to customize your blog as you wish is also a premium may take us a while to figire out how to deal with this. I think one way of doing it is to just continually change colour schemes and headers because the pages cannot be customised individually. The only thing that can be customised for each page is the header, but the header should match the colour scheme of the entire page.For now, I suppose  it would be best to get rid of the sepia grunge background. But I”m not sure…if you have any ideas, let me know. After playing around with the settings for a while I decided to leave things as they were so far..until we figure something out.

[Yeona] Another suggestion: to add a kpop section where we can put our favorite MVs or OST or just songs that we found by chance and liked very much. It would look nice in a corner on the front page a gallery like drama/song/quote of the day or week. I’m used to visit many sites everyday so I’m good at finding things or news.  Also, I have always wanted to add on my MDL profile a background song but it’s not possible so I want to do that here. It doesn’t have to be a kpop song but a instrumental one too.

[Bladey]: Sounds fun!  Sure let’s create a post category for that. Until we come up with a different way of keeping things organised, we can also create a page where we will archive the relevant posts in the given category- sort of the way it’s been done so far in other pages. Page created- check “Our Picks” section. I leave you completely in charge of Kpop Yeona, as I do not listen to much myself.

[Yeona] For now, I want to add here my own collection of quotes from dramas. Maybe if you will put your drama/movie reviews here I will edit mine too and then I will also add them here. I need to think more about what I want to write. It’s too soon after only two days.  😀

Bladey what do you think about my ideas?

[Bladey]: Of course! Take your time in getting used to blogging. I really look forward to your posts.  Just post away when you feel like it, Yeona. We can work on the site as we go.

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