Yeona’s drama and movie quotes collection

I decided to write my own collection of quotes from asian dramas or movies. They aren’t copied from a site or anything. I use to write on a notebook the lines which dragged my attention or moved my heart while I watched a scene. I will write only the name of the drama/movie, not the character who said that line, because some of them might give some hints about the development of the drama and my purpose isn’t to write spoilers. Everytime I will have a new quote, I will write it here.

Bad guy:

  • You know, a cat does not kill a mouse with one bite. Predenting to let it go, the cat plays with it. When the cat is about to get tired of it, that’s when the cat kills the mouse.
  • Hidden deep within the mask is a sad truth.
  • Revenge is crystal clear like a glass mask.
  • Don’t trust anyone.
  • If I could see the world though someone else’s eyes maybe I would be able to smile too.
  • At night, everything disappears in the darkness. Where is the sky and where is the ground? Where am I trying to go? Is it to heaven? Is it to hell?

Several questions that makes us happy:

  • Leave the past as it is and live today for what it is.

Jungle Fish 2:

  • Everyone is just like an island, meaning that you will not meddle in other people’s bussiness, will not get hurt and similarly, will not hurt others, just living by yourself. If I can make a wish, it would be that I would never need to communicate with those childish people. Everyone is an island…
  • In the jungle that adults created, we also created another jungle in it. We decided how things go, who are the scapegoats and we are brutally fighting one against another in this jungle…


  • Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Operation proposal:

  • For a boy who was ridiculed because he lost his father and loved baseball, that person became my baseball manager. That person faced freezing to death for a friend who gave up on his dream. For someone no one would take, she became my Jerry Maguire.
  • Rather than changing the past, the will to change the present is more important.
  • Whenever I wasn’t confident, I’d tell myself before I tried: It’s impossible, you will only embarrass yourself, and I would just give up. But you never did that….

Three kingdoms:

  • I’d rather betray the world than let the world betray me.
  • Life is a river and we are always fighting to go upstream and not get swept away.
  • Brothers are like limbs and wives are like clothing. Torn clothing can be repaired but how can broken limbs be mended?

God of study:

  • Never overestimate your friends, never underestimate your enemies.
  • Your objective has to be 100%.
  • Don’t be pessimist, that will lower your results.
  • Try to understand what the authour wants, his thoughts… Then you will find the right answer.
  • Study hard. That way you will learn how to live your life.
  • When you don’t know what to do, stay three seconds and calm yourself. Use your energy to concentrate.

To the beautiful you:

  • Miracle is another name for hardwork.

Vampire prosecutor 2:

  • Life isn’t just a survival game.
  • There’s no such thing like perfect crime.

The Chaser:

  • Do you know what is the weakest thing in this world? A friendship that has never been tested by temptation.
  • When someone fulfills their dream, the others are bound to lose theirs.

Cheongdamdong Alice:

  • L’effort est ma force.
  • Trying to deny reality, but the less the reaction, the greater the pain.
  • Do people like us believe that there will be a heppy ending? No matter how passionate the kiss is at the movie’s end, in reality, there’s always life after that.


  • There are four types of human beings: 1. The ones who never get on the wrong bus. 2. The ones who always get on the wrong bus. 3. The ones who after getting on the wrong busget off. 4. The ones who, after realizing that they got on the wrong bus still go along for the ride.

That Winter, wind blows:

  • Do you have to have a grand reason to live? Even if I don’t have a reason to live, I live because my eyes open in the morning. Because I still breathe. What? If a person doesn’t have a reason to live, does that mean he can’t? If living like this is embarrassing, then I’m embarrased right now. But you know, because I’m still alive, I want to continue living.


  • You seem like a person who completely trusts in himself. Let me give you an advice. No one in this world is pure enough to judge others. No matter how innocent they look, they have a hidden face inside. Perhaps that’s why it’s better not to know the truth because if you find out the truth, you’ll gain fear, and eventually collapse.
  • I’m very simple. I repay your kindness if you help me, and return the same amount I’ve received. In that way, everything will be balanced.

Caught in the web:

  • I want to live every hour, every minute, every second, every day.
  • When did you fall in love with her? When I knew I’d never see her again.

Sad Fairy Tale:

  • I’ve liked you for a long time. I just didn’t know how to tell you. When I was ready to give up, I saw your smile. That let me know perfection still exists in this world. That’s right, perfection. Then, I understood, all I wanted was to walk down the street with someone special with a stupid smile on my face, laughing. I don’t need anything. I just have to think of you and I don’t feel alone. When I see your smile, I feel alive. Really, I don’t need anything. If I can sacrifice for you, I’m satisfied. I know those dreams I made for you were a little rough, they couldn’t fool you, but it was the best I could do. There wasn’t enough time… I’m so glad you understand me, that you had the grace to accept it. They say that when people are about to die, the best moments of their life flash before their eyes. When that moment comes, I’ll be thinking about you. You’ve been the most beautiful moment in my life. Thank you…
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