Romance Tropes: Love triangles (1)

“…because a triangle is not a geometrical figure but a romance prerequisite! ”

So this man X is pining for girl Y, who is the sister of man R, who is the brother of a friend of X….and he also wants girl Y, while his sister wants man X! Oh wait there is also girl F, who is the sister of a friend of R…the big question is who does Y want?!?

Many of theses love triangle romances feature a lovely- or not so lovely-  nice guy, Mr Second, often a friend,  who will never get the girl but is there to provide some conflict and tensions or otherwise make the main lead realise how stupid he is.   The second lead syndrome may take the form of the Meddling Exes who are now Friends but Still Hope to Be More Again. Other variation includes a quadruple and going back and forth between partners. Where she will practically always chose the leading jerk, if the lead happens to be a jerk..even if you ship the other guy/girl with the lead, you just know what’s going to happen in the end.  There are also variants featuring meddling people who are eyeing the leads wanting each of them for themselves.

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