Recommendation of the week:

Currently airing japanese and taiwanese dramas:

Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen; Miss Rose; Drama Go Go Go; Osozaki no Himawari


First impressions:

->Ooku:  I don’t know how come I missed the day when this drama started airing. I wanted to watch it from the moment I saw that in the cast is Masato Sakai. After Legal high I knew that I can’t miss his new dramas. But I just found it, by chance, TODAY. Yes, today I watched the first 5 episodes and I can say already that I’m addicted to it.

I’m not familiar with the Japan’s history, actually, this is the second historical dorama after Chouchou-san, but I’ve always liked to learn more about the life and the hidden secrets of the people who lived in a palace a long time ago. It is the first time when I see this theme in a drama, a female shogun and her 3,000 handsome concubines living in the inner palace in the Edu era. I really appreciate that it is presented in a elegant and sophisticated way but it’s also clever at the same time. The acting can’t be described by words, it feels like the actors were once the characters they are playing. The music is also a good surprise for me, the lyrics express a deep meaning and emotion. I plan to watch the movie version too: The Castle of Crossed Destinies.

->Osozaki no Himawari: If you are not in the mood for a dark love story then maybe you would like a social theme about the renewal of the life. Who knows, it might give you some ideas about how to change your way of thinking and your attitude in the human relationships. But it has romance, too. The start feels fresh and it makes you curious about the developing of the story.

->Miss Rose and Drama Go Go Go: Both are romantic comedies so if you like this genre don’t hesitate to start them. Drama Go Go Go has aired only a few episodes, but Miss Rose has already 16 episodes available so it’s better to start it first if you don’t like to wait.

Drama Go Go Go reminds me of korean drama Queen Inhyun’s man because of the concept- drama-within-a-drama but the first one highlights it more. I’m happy to see that Ruby Lin can handle a funny role after her complex characters in Three Kingdoms and Introduction of the Princess. I think that a strong point of these dramas it that I could see the chemistry between the leads from the start. The music has a positive message and most of the time it fits with the atmosphere. Both have those raining scenes that I love so much and both give you that feeling that makes you forget about your problems and everything at least for a few hours.


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