Love vs Money Theme

It’s already known that love can’t buy you food and money can’t buy you happiness. Even if you can make money anytime, you meet your true love only once in your life.  But also love doesn’t last forever so the choice you make can affect your life forever.  The reality of dramas isn’t that complicated. We have many examples of characters who gave up on their throne/riches/position or ambitions of such and still managed to live a wonderful life with their beloved. I guess this world needs at least a fictional happy ending. So here will be a list of  some such dramas/movies, in which  there is a choice to be made between love and money in broadly defined terms and which leads to certain tensions.

  • Boys over flowers/Hana Yori Dango
  • Miss Rose
  • Ja Myung Go
  • The princess’ man
  • Beautiful love
  • The Snow Queen
  • Nice guy
  • Shadows of love
  • A millionaire’s first love
  • Flames of ambition
  • Flower boy ramyun shop
  • Heartbeat love
  • Huan Zhu Ge Ge/My Fair Princess and My New Fair Princess
  • Witch Yoo Hee
  • Horse Doctor
  • Goong
  • Save the Last Dance
  • That Winter, the Wind Blows
  • Cheongdamdong Alice
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