MV of the day: K.Will- Please don’t…

The art of misleading the audience

Comments below may contain some spoilers. Please watch the video first.

[Steeleye] A very telling video, I say. The song is also very catchy. I think that this can be interpreted in several ways. For one: shows that leads and second leads may have problems letting go of each other rather than the girl. I think the video shows what many fans may be thinking a lot of the times: that two lead guys are better together than with any of the girl, in cases where bromance feels stronger. Or maybe it’s something more than bromance.. And then…and then there is the more interesting fact, which I will leave Yeona to elaborate more. In any case, this video is really interesting!

[Yeona]: The video is not really new but its story is very actual and will always make a good subject for discussions. After I watched it I thought of two very popular korean dramas- Reply 1994 and Reply 1997. It’s well known the way these dramas played with the audience’s minds and hearts with their “let’s guess who the husband is” stories. But that’s not all of it,  because Korean love stories are not that simple, it was a game of “he is the one, no wait it’s the other guy or maybe not?”, “who does he/she love?” to come to a point where you didn’t know anymore if it’s a triangle, a bromance or just a one-sided love. The charm of this video is that you see three people in love and makes you think “aigoo another cliché” but the ending is so surprinsing, I bet even the writers of Reply 1997 were jealous on it. But don’t leave out the song, its lyrics sang by the talented  singer K. Will convey very well the sad or happy feelings emanated by love. Fans of Reply 1997 can consider this video as another version of the story between Shi-won, Yoon-je and Joon-hee. Coincidence or not, Seo In Guk is the lead in both of them but it seems he doesn’t play the same characters too.

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  1. ggre au says:

    To understand the MV you need to step back and re-focus fresh. Read the Lyrics which explain clearing what is going on. The Lyrics mean the most not so much the visual.

    (Synopsis) In Guk and Jae-Hyun were gay lovers in the MV. Why. Read the lyrics and then look at the MV again.

    (Most scenes) are In Guk driving from Wedding remembering. Dasom was never in the car! She is representing the Korean pressure & emotions of society towards marriage that’s creating the split.)

    (Lyrics.) We sit next to each other in the car but there is no music. I always held your left hand.
    ANSWER: Last time in car their situation has changed = No music playing. Jae Hyun’s hand was always held. (Only place gays can express their love ‘Holding Hands’ in public without being abused.) Dasom vision in Car/Apartment represents intrusion into those personal spaces)
    (Lyrics.) But now you are bitting at your nails. I know what you’re going to say. Please don’t say it.
    ANSWER: Jae-Hyun bitting = Korean family tradition/pressured/expectation to marry. But In Guk is pleading with Jae Hyun Please don’t do it. This is a common situation Korean Gays face.
    (Lyrics.) I want to delay just one minute/one second, but this empty road keeps rushing me.
    ANSWER: In Guk knows that he cannot stop the Korean peer pressures that will wedge them apart.
    (Lyrics.) I arrive at you house that’s so familiar, but the tears start to fall.
    ANSWER: they were lovers but now heartbreak.
    (Lyrics.) After spending a long day trying to find this place. But now I feel lost. ANSWER: In Guk & Jae Hyun found love but it is being wedged apart by Korean Family tradition/expectation to marry.
    (Lyrics.) It’s not even raining today. But you fade away behind the car window. ANSWER: their split is not from In Guk and Jae-Hyun arguing but due to Korean peer expectation to marry.
    (Lyrics.) Letting you go away. It’s not that easy. You turn around and walk away. ANSWER: In Guk is the one stepping aside without arguing, Jae Hyun is walking away from the love. A doomed love/Forbidden Love in Korea.
    (Lyrics.)Tears eventually drop and I need to wipe them away now.
    ANSWER: In Guk is heartbroken and Jae Hyun knows because they were lovers.
    (Lyrics.) I don’t know whether to use the Handkerchief you gave me or through it away.
    ANSWER: Jae- Hyun gave him the Handkerchief. Handkerchief = Jae Hyun knows the pain that’s being caused. Memento!
    (Lyrics.)Why am i shivering? ANSWER: In Guk is deep in love but helpless to the social demands.
    (Lyrics.) Though I try to stop you from leaving. I’m standing here paralysed. ANSWER: Korean Forbidden love is forcing In Guk to stand aside. In Guk can’t go against that tradition. Jae Hyun must have participated in the gay love.
    (Lyrics.) Want to keep dreaming in your scent left in the car. And I don’t want to wake up from the dream.
    ANSWER: the words Dream = Gay romance. Scent = Jae Hyun’s Love.
    (Lyrics.) On top of the empty seat you left only your cold scent remains.
    ANSWER: Its Jae-Hyun not Dason that he feels/reaches for in the car. Scent left in car is referring to Jae Hyun’s lover of In Guk.
    (Lyrics.) I will hold onto the remaining scent. So come back to where you belong. ANSWER: Jae-Hyun is gay. As In Guk tears the picture he is saying that he will wait for him to come back where he belongs. Belong = Gay lovers.
    (Last scene) shot shows Jae Hyun in car with his arm stretched over to In Guk’s hand. They still loved.

    Key clues in MV that show their love.
    The stealth gaze they give each other at the Wedding as they slink past each other.
    The look and gestures Jae-Hyun gives In Guk before and after he pulls him for the photo.
    Jae Hyun looks down at his hand hold Dasom’s but his look is empty!
    The steely gaze that Jae-Hyun and then Guk look into each other’s eyes just prior to the photo being taken. Guk senses that Jae-Hyun still loves him.
    In Guk rubs Jae Hyun face on the picture not Dasom’s.
    Last scene shot shows Jae Hyun in car with his arm stretched over to In Guk.

    • Yeona says:

      Hi! Thank you for visiting this blog and for sharing your analysis of this MV.
      Before I wrote this post I watched a few times the MV and I read various opinions, reviews and comments.
      My intention was to do a song recommendation and to highlight the appearances some writers/directors like to create. Also, I used this MV as a cover for my rant about the writting in Reply series. It’s obvious that if you pay attention, you can see the hidden message (you don’t even need Eng subs) but I still think that there was the intention to mislead a bit the audience, to create an impact, a reaction. If you read the comments from Youtube, you can see that the majority of them are: “oh that ending”; “don’t miss the ending”. That’s the reaction of an audience who listen to kpop for simply entertaiment, which is not small at all. I don’t think that the impact would have been the same if they showed at the beginning of the MV those two guys holding hands or hugging. A great song and the element of surprise made a good team this time.

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