Recommendation of the week: Tiny times

Based on Guo Jingming‘s Tiny Times series, it depicts the friendship among four young girls, Lin Xiao (Yang Mi), Gu Li (Amber Kuo), Nan Xiang (Hayden Bea), Tang Wanru (Xie Lin) from Lin Xiao’s perspective in Shanghai, illustrating the titanic transformation of their own philosophies. The cast also includes Chen Tung Ko who is well known from the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, Chen Cheney and Vaughan Rhydian.


We live in a vast universe. Stardust and light particles floating all throughout… We are existences smaller than these. One does not know when life’s direction would change. Sunk into a thick darkness like ink. Dragged into a deep abyss by disappointment, trapped into a grave by illness.  Trampled to pieces by frustration. You are jeered. Mocked. Disliked. Hated. Patronized. Abandoned. But we preserved hope in our hearts; kept a heart that would not give up beating. We still make tiny efforts in the midst of great despair. And this feeling of not willing to give up, it becomes the specks of starlight in the dark. We are all small specks of starlight.

My inspiration comes from the girls around me. One among them felt that she was only fit for wearing training suits and never had a chance to wear a glamorous dress. Some girls seem cold on the outside, but have a heart that burns like fire. They are all exquisite in appearance and charming in their confidence. She is always the strongest support for her friends. Some girls may not always have confidence; however they continue to work hard for their future. They are beautiful for their dreams and touch others with their perseverance. Some girls may be poor but they still believe that they may achieve their beautiful dream in this cruel reality. This brings the beauty in everyone. I wanted to design clothes for these girls, whether they are ordinary or beautiful, rich or poor. I hope they can see their most beautiful selves.


Tiny times 1.0

Tiny times 2.0

My favorite song from OST:

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