Vote For Jang Il Jun!

Choi Soo Jong tends to play very serious and intense characters in dramas but it seems he’s otherwise quite joyful 😉 To the point that it becomes hard to reconcile the image of his earnest drama characters with the man behind the scenes. These images are priceless.

Thanks to a dear friend for sharing her find with me.

Courtesy of Dodo’s Bell Jar. 

Dodo's Bell Jar

This is what I do almost every time I finish an episode of Prez.
Oh Choi Soo Jong, we’re meant to be! 😛

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! (And to all you single kids out there, hold your head up high and raise your hands in the air! Let’s get this party started!)

I’ve recently found my drama love for 2011. I didn’t think I would fall head over heels in love with a drama this early in the beginning of the year, but I’m definitely not complaining that I did. President has stayed consistent and solid in its run so far, upping its game with twists and turns throughout the plot that actually makes sense (to me, at least). The cast is just absolutely outstanding. Each and every character contributes to the story, even if they’re mere side characters. Each episode fills me with joy to the point that I…

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