Saturdays with more Crazy Ideas: If House of Cards were a japanese drama

This tv series needs no further introduction. It needs no remake, especially an asian one. But if it’s meant to exist a remake someday, I think that it should be at least japanese. A korean drama without glamour isn’t a korean drama and House of cards has nothing to do with glamour. A taiwanese or chinese remake shouldn’t be even mentioned. If you look for seriousness and good quality, the japanese remake is the answer. But let’s not forget about the japanese’s conservatism. Is there any Japanese writer or director who can accept the challenge to adapt this tv series? The next crazy idea will be about The fault in our stars. Meanwhile, check out this one and my first two crazy ideas too: If Meet Joe Black were a korean drama and If In Time were a korean movie.


A Congressman works with his equally conniving wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him. (imdb)

  • Original writers: based on House of cards by Michael Dobbs and House of cards by Andrew Davies
  • Japanese writers: Hiroyuki Yatsu and Jun Ikeido (Hanzawa Naoki, Roosevelt Game) or Yasushi Fukuda (Change; Hero; Galileo)
  • Episodes: 3 seasons – each one 13 episodes
  • My version: 2 seasons – each one 16 episodes and maybe a SP too
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • I would broadcast it on TBS or Fuji TV on Sundays at 21:00 . Airing period: August- October


  • Kevin Spacey- Frank Underwood

  • Robin Wright- Claire

  • Michael Kelly- Douglas Stamper

  • Kate Mara- Zoe Barnes

  • Corey Stoll- Peter Russo

  • Michel Gill- US President

  • Kristen Connolly- Christina

  • Rachel Brosnahan- Rachel

  • Sebastian Arcelus- Lucas

  • Marheshala Ali- Remy Danton

  • Sakina Jaffrey- Linda

  • Gerald McRainey- Raymond Tusk

  • Ben Daniels- Adam

Japanese cast:

  • Frank- Sakai Masato, Asano Tadanobu

sakai masato

  • Craire- Yuki Amami, Nakatani Miki, Ryoko Yonekura.

  • Zoe- Sawajiri Erika, Tabe Mikako


  • Lucas- Okada Masaki

  • Peter Russo- Ichihara Hayato, Eita


  • Douglas Stamper- Eguchi Yosuke

  • Christina- Aragaki Yui

  • Rachel- Sasaki Nozomi

  • Remy- Iseya Yusuke

  • Linda- Miyoko Asada

  • Raymond Tusk- Namase Katsuhisa; Kitaoji Kinya; Watabe Atsuro


  • President- Toyokawa Etsushi

  • Adam- Tsumabuki Satoshi; Matsuda Ryuhei


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