The Way We Were Opening Quotes list

Fără titlu

Episode 1

Past relationships are not like loose strands of hair, getting blown away in the wind. Past relationships become the veins of a leaf. Like the capillaries on an ankle. Storing memories. Sustaining life. Hard to notice but is always there. 

Cai Kang Yong (writer)

Episode 2

There will be a day, when one will be able to smile and say the things they regret. There will be a day, when one can, through tears, voice out those times that have passed. Light, thin stray hairs and folded corners of clothes. The movies in one’s heart, just to meet once again. 

Zhang Zi Yi

Episode 3

The game you love the most is called “You ask, I’ll answer”. Whatever you ask, I will answer. Such a boring game, but you seem to find it fun. I don’t get it. I also don’t know why, now that I want to answer you, you’re not asking anymore. 

Mark Chao

Episode 4

We all want to be winners. I want a higher score than Daniel on that test. I want to score more points than Mike on the team and I have to hold my drink better than Nick at work. We want to to win at everything, even love. That’s why we choose to “forget”. But perhaps those who choose to “remember” both sweet and bitter memories are the true winners. 

Peter Ho

Episode 5

If one doesn’t speak out their thoughts, no one will know it. Love was planted yesterday. Not afraid of a long distance. The heart has no goodbyes. If we meet again. 

Vivian Hsu

Episode 6

 The memory of  reminiscing

The memories between you and I

Longing in my heart

How can I meet you again?

Jerry Ian

Episode 7

A lot of people think of  “goodbye” as sadness and tears, that it means you’re separated forever. I think that “goodbye” is like an awakening in the midst of ordinary life. It lets you appreciate the small things you have. It makes you thankful and also content. 

Huang Xiao Ming

Episode 8

Because of regret, I treasure and hold onto every chance I get. 

Tony Yang

Episode 9

A missed chance isn’t always a pity. Goodbye doesn’t always mean it’s the end. Beautiful memories alway remain in your heart. Having you by my side in those days was definitely worth it. Thank you. 

David Tao (singer-songwriter)

Episode 10

Goodbye isn’t an ending but an understanding. Seeing in the goodbyes, seeing yourself, seeing sadness, seeing being moved, seeing courage, seeing the the truth, seeing the the future. Goodbye… Turning the lost into gain. 

Patty Hou (famous tv host)

Episode 11

Every miss is like a tired bed. In every song that’s not yet finished, there lives an incomplete self. No one can catch up with time. And the summer flowers wilt even faster than time.

Huang Bo

Episode 12

Goodbyes are for the sake of forgetting. Forgetting all that we’ve expected, all that’ve lost. Forgetting about loving and resenting. And when we happen to meet again, we’ll pass each other, look back, smile and turn around. The past in our memories won’t be something that we’ll miss. 

Shu Qi

Episode 13

When you have it, do not feel glad. When you lose it, do not feel gloomy. Leave some space for yourself. When you turn around, be calm. Goodbye, is another spring. 

Cecilia Cheung

Episode 14

Slow down your steps and look back to where you came from. Sitting on the school field, sweat dripping down your face, being with your friends. The beauty of missed love. You’ve fallen. Brush off the dust and keep going. Step by step, blooming in my heart’s secret garden. 

Richie Ren

Episode 15

Regret is the prelude to happiness. You must experience loss numerous times before you can hear the melody of gain. Passing things by are just like a rest note. Only when you’ve experienced the torture of passing time, you will know how precious is to be fated. If you have it, you won’t be afraid of saying goodbye. What you should be most afraid of is never having the chance to meet again. 

Rainie Yang

Episode 16

Because we were once fortunate, we’ve now become frivolous without even realizing. Because it was something we always had, we didn’t understand happiness. When we finally realized that we need to treasure it, we realized that feelings won’t last forever. Maybe the chance will never come again, but I will keep waiting. 

Ethan Ruan

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