Hyde Jekyll Me Ending Quotes List

Episode 1

Have you ever come face to face with another you?

Episode 2

If someone else exists inside me… Then I hope it’s someone better than myself.

Episode 3

The biggest challenge in life is for the two hearts to live in peaceful co-existence.

Episode 4

Life is sometimes full of things outside your control.

Episode 5

While you were sleeping… [A glimpse at the other world]

Episode 6

Pandora’s biggest mistake—she shouldn’t have known that a thing as dangerous as Pandora’s Box existed in this world.

Episode 7

How much of your childhood was like a terrible war?

Episode 8

If misfortune doesn’t come by itself, we also do not have to face that misfortune alone.

Episode 9

What I need right now is the courage to directly face my pain.

Episode 10

One body with two personalities… Would that be one person or two people?

Episode 11

Don’t try to blame the pain on anyone… Blaming others won’t erase the pain.

Episode 12

Another day to love and to love again… Those days are what keep me here…

Episode 13

I will protect you and I will become your world.

Episode 14

You don’t need to hold on. It’s not allowed.

Episode 15

The silent moment when I become you and you become me.

Episode 16

The more I keep trying, the more “me” I end up discovering.

Episode 17

Let the fireworks finale be intense and vibrant.

Episode 18

Somehow, you and I have become us.

Episode 19

No one knows what awaits them at the end. All I know is that I have you by my side.

Episode 20- Final

Loving each other like that every day is like the work of a miracle.

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