Angry Mom’s Quotes (episodes 1-4)

In this world there are the strong and the weak. Even when only two people are gathered, this ranking is formed. Typically, these are the criteria for forming the ranking: First, age. This hasn’t been effective for quite a long time now. Second: fist. It still works. But if you don’t do it right, you will get it back a hundred times over. Third: power of speech. Low cost and highly efficient. It definitely works well. The one with the loud voice usally wins. Forth: power of money. No one in this world can win over money. However, there is an exception to all the criteria. No matter how old you are, how strong you are, how much money you have… there is a relationship in which you unconditionally lose. The one that loves more is always the weaker one. My daughter is like that to me. More than the food I eat, I’m more full when my kid eats. A strange and a mtsterious being… I’m a mom.

In a land of one-eyed people, the one with two eyes is the strange one.

– The important thing is not the intention but the result. Thousands of people live on with different intentions and objections. How can we think about all that? That’s why they made something called a law. 

– What you said is correct. Principles are very important. Children go through trials and errors in order to learn them. But before one learn that , I don’t  think we should take away the opportunity to learn.

– What if all the others students learn that it’s okay to use violence? What if the victim hurts another weaker student to resolve his or her anger? The difference between the victim and the bully is whether one has strength or not. It’s just wrong for the victim. So we can only pick one out of the two. Get stronger and fight back the same way, or find a stronger guardian that will protect you. The schoold is that kind of guardian. At least in school, at least when the teachers are watching, the students must feel like they are completely safe. Giving students that trust is something the teachers have to do. 

In this world there are a lot of people who didn’t become decent human beings due to lack of love, but there aren’t any who didn’t become decent human beings by not getting beaten up enough.

– Being scared isn’t a shameful thing. The important thing is to protect yourself. In this world There’s nothing more precious than yourself. 

– People who have children can’t say that. The thing that’s more precious than myself is a child. 

You may think that the world is beautiful like a poem, but to me it’s like hell. 

There is no free meal in the world.

Even if the world isn’t always beautiful, it isn’t always cruel either. Not all poems are always beautiful, but they can be sufficiently moving so I hope you can find a poem of your own.

This world is too vast to completely protect everyone by myself. I’m too small and without power. All I can do for you is endure, forgive and pray. All I can do is to pray for this horrible thing never happen again, to let all the bad things be forgotten and remember only the good things. Because I wasn’t able to protect you, I’m really sorry. 

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