Dr. Frost’s Quotes

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 There are times when all humans want to deny the reality in front of their eyes. So, sometimes, we dream of not our own, but, someone else’s life. But the moment we deny ourselves, the tragedy begins. This is because, tragedy, which grew up eating our weak minds, quickly crippled us. But still, I want to believe that the human mind is strong, that we are not a weak existence.Where we stand, we have to find the reason and hope for living.

When people are hungry, they eat. When people are cold, they put on clothes. With survival instincts, the body, itself is making an effort. Our minds are the same. These are the things needed for the mind to survive: First, to find the hole in our empty ego that is hidden within us. Second, to turn an ear to the SOS the mind sends. And finally, to confront the entity that’s the source of the mind’s disease. If you don’t fully face the entity, the hole in the mind will gradually grow bigger. In the end your mind will disappear and only a dark hole will remain. 

Not being able to express emotions is like a punishment. Humans interact by sharing emotions and like that they confirm each other’s identities. However, there are people who are forced to restrain their emotions or people who hide their emotions like they’re wearing a mask and people who were not able to feel anything since they were born. Using a fake emotion, would they confirm their existence?

For humans, love is a very important feeling. We find happiness through love. We become a bit stronger. Still, to someone the failure of love is left as a greater scar than the parting. But you can’t give up on love. Because love’s for that matter, a person’s most basic emotion that makes someone a human being.

She loved you. And that’s why she died.

People’s memories aren’t fixed but they change. So we try to forget the painful moments and we try to keep the precious memories, the happy memories for a long time. 

-Hey, don’t worry. I’m going to live a long, long time and not make you sad. I’m going to live until I’m 100 years old.

-What are you going to do with living until 100?

There are so many things to do in this world. So, you should also live a long time. It’s gonna be boring if I play alone.

It is a misfortune to remember every moment we live without forgetting anything. That’s because if everything is remembered crearly, we’ll have to face the time of pain we experienced in the past again and again forever.

Counseling isn’t a book but a person you’re conversing with.

We all have our own “sun” as we live. That’s what makes our hearts warm and grow. Sometimes we lose that light and wander in darkness. However, there’s no need to be fearful right away because the road ahead is dark. Because tomorrow the sun always rises.

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