Movie Recommendation: Shoot Me In The Heart


Is there any place without worries? If such a place existed, we’d want to go there now. Maybe that’s what Dorothy in “Wizard of Oz” was thinking when she dreamed of a world beyond the rainbow. Wouldn’t be great if we could go to to the place of our dreams by clicking our heals three times with our eyes closed?

Going beyond the rainbow….  At first it’s a new and scary thing for everyone, but once adjusted, you find out that there is only one place where you can stay without any worries… The place where I go now. [the psychiatric hospital]

In a mental ward, there are two types of ill people. Those who are locked up because they are crazy. And those who are locked up and become crazy.

Who are you? I often wondered. Who you really are. Not the one who hides or the one who just endures. I mean the one who deals with your life. Do you have such a person in you?

I’m not trying to exchange my life for a moment. I want to be truly myself in my time. That’s life for me. I want to live.

Your time is now yours. Don’t lose it anymore.

Somewhere over the rainbow, I believe that unfulfilled dreams of the past might be waiting for me. 


Set at a psychiatric hospital. Soo-Myung has suffered from schizophrenia due to his guilt that he suffers from his mother’s suicide. He meets Seung-Min who has been forcibly hospitalized because of his wealthy family’s inheritance fight. Dreaming of getting out of the hospital, Seung-Min constantly tries to escape. Soo-Myung begins to follow Seung-Min. (asianwiki)



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