Dr. Rintaro’s Quotes

Rintaro Hino (Sakai Masato) is a psychiatrist, working at an university hospital. He is an excellent doctor with keen insight and intuition. He even sees the Chief Cabinet Secretary as a patient. One day, a woman (Aoi Yu) appears in front of Dr. Rintaro and his life changes because of her. (asianwiki)

The amount of people that live with a broken heart are overflowing in this city, no matter if they are wealthy or happy people, healthy people, or lovely lovers. Anyone is an afflicted lamb.

Please stop trying so hard! You don’t have to do it anymore.

Pain? I do not feel such a thing. Nothing at all. I might be already dead.

When the time comes, let’s fall together.

My favorite comedian has this saying: Although I like famous sayings, I hate the guy that says the wise sayings.

Jealousy always comes wearing clothes of justice.

I am your ally.

My favorite comedian has also this saying: Falling in love it’s the first step for the transformation.

Life is an illusion, we are a bunch of illlusions.

To hear too much is useless when the person is not talking.

Always by myself… Always so lonely…

 Life is the one thing we go through in order to regret it.

There are people that think that the antonym for luxury is poverty but that’s a mistake. The antonym for luxury is vulgarity. It’s not just about how much money has the person.

Listen to the loneliness behind her lies.

 The “IFs” of the past, no matter how much I consider them, I can’t regain them.

 Everyone is basically lonely. Because they’re lonely, they do such things as working desperately, they make friends, they fall in love in order to not be lonely.

There isn’t such a thing as perfection. A passing mark without a perfect score is also fine.

When you lose your confidence, each day, please, try to find one positive thing about yourself. By doing so, after a month, you will become self-confident.

I want to make him laugh.

 A psychiatrist not only treats patients, they can also be saved by the words of a patient.

Being shy is a wonderful talent received from God.

For a woman there are two types of a kiss. The kiss she never wants to forget and the kiss she would die in order to forget it.

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