Reply 1988’s quotes (episodes 1-6)

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The year was 1988, a time when it was chilly, but our hearts were fiery, a time when we didn’t have much but people’s hearts were warm. Of course, if you were to compare it to how things are now, it was clearly the “Age of analog”. Even so, we were living cutting edge 18 year-old lives. We wore slip-on sneakers and of course, we wore lots of denim. We listened to new songs on our Walkmans. Guys were crazy about Jaime Sommers and Joey Wong, Sophie Marceau and Teacher Jimena. And us girls were crazy about Pierce Brosnan, Tom Cruise, Richard Gere and the New Kids on the Block. However, putting genger aside, there was a movie that the youth of our generation all loved: A better tomorrow 2. 

He is not exactly a human being yet.

Why don’t you ever listen to me? Why do you always only do this to me? Am I a joke to you? Am I someone who you can just treat like garbage? {to mother}: How come you never make me a fried egg? I love fried eggs. You just give me black beans all the time. I hate black beans! {to father}: Also, why do you only buy No Eul (youngest brother) World Cup ice cream? And the chicken! Mr. Kim gave it to me to eat and you gave the legs to Big Sis and No Eul and just left me with the wings. I know how to eat chicken legs too! Why is it that I’m the only one who’s Duk Seon? Why did you only give me a terrible name? Big Sis is named Bo Ra and my brother’s No Eul, so why is it that my name is the only crappy one? 

This day wasn’t that special of a day. The misery of being the second daughter was always like this, after all. As middle children all over the the world know, for the eldest, it was because they’re the eldest and for the youngest, it was because they’re the youngest that I had always yield to them. Even so, I thought that my mom and dad were aware of how much I’d sacrificed. But that wasn’t the case. In some ways, one’s own family is the most oblivious. But what’s so important about knowing? In the end, what helps you overcome obstacles isn’t brains, but someone who will take your hand and won’t let you go. In the end that’s family. Even for heroes, the people they go back to in the end is family. The home inflicted upon you outsidethe home and the scars inflicted on you by life itself and even the pain inflicted on you by family, the people who will hold you and stand by you until the end….. in the end, that’s family. And no… Even so… history repeats itself….

When you were born, we were worried about how to raise you. When your brother was born, we were worried about how to shape him into a good person. Dads don’t automatically become dads the moment the child is born. It was my first time being a dad.

Adults feel pain, too. It’s just that adults keep it bottled up. They were just busy being adults and they just acted strong due to the presure that came with their age. 

It’s fine to be deluted sometimes. If you can make your mom happy by making her think that her cooking is good, it’s easy enough to eat disgusting lunches. There’s no need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness. Sometimes you need an illusion to be happy. 

-When do you miss your mother most?

Every day. I miss my mom every single day.

An adult-like child is just one without complaints. It’s just that they’ve acclimated to the world of adults and they’ve grown used to the illusions around them. An adult-like child is just that- a child.

An illusion is short, but a misunderstanding lasts a long time. That’s why illusions offer you freedom while misunderstandings chain you down.

No matter how much better others’ things may seem, they all have their faults.

There’s nothing one is more sick of and considers more tacky than something that has belonged to them for a long time. However, another way to say “tacky” and “sick of” is “accustomed to” and “comfortable”. The feeling of being accustomed only comes with having spent a long time with something. And the only people I’m comfortable with, can truly know me, embrace me and console me. Sometimes , you’re so sick of something and it seems so tacky that you don’t even want to look at it, but the only people in the world who can protect me are “my people”. People who I’m used to and I’m comfortable with, people who have been my people for a long time, are people who you cannot help but love. We cannot help loving them.

The rich are innocent and the poor are guilty.

Sometimes I felt like my mom was an embarrassment. There were times when I couldn’t understand why she seemed to not have self-consciousness or a sense of pride and I got angry. I didn’t realize it then, but it was because there was something precious that she wanted to protect more than herself. And that it was because of me. When true love manifests, it doesn’t allow one to be concerned over one’s pride and causes one to cast it aside. That’s why mothers are strong.

They say that God created mothers because He can’t be everywhere at once. Even when one is at the age to be a mom, one’s mother is always one’s guardian and even saying the word “mom” is something that has the power to tug one’s heartstrings. Mothers are always strong.

When one is at the age when one can console one’s mother, it’s when one has matured past being able to say “Thank you” and “I love you”. If one wants to make one’s mother happy, the words “Mom, I need you” are more than enough.

– Why her?

-Because I like her.

What part of her do you like?

-She’s pretty.

My as*.

-And she is smart.

Oh My God

-And she’s kind.

-You crazy bastard

If there is anyone who hasn’t been confessed to by the one they love yet or if you’re suffering from love-related pains, don’t be too sad. Another person may be in love with you right now and that person may just confess to you that he/she has liked you for a long time, even though you were totally unaware.

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