Reply 1988’s quotes (episodes 7-14)

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It just may be because of the sons and daughters of this world that the people of the world began to have faith in religions due to their parents  who wished for their happiness and well-being above all else. God, Buddha, Allah and Santa must exist for the sake of all mothers and fathers in this world as well as their children. 

I was at the age when I no longer believed in Santa or felt my heart flutter because of Secret Santa. I was at an age when a present that was secretly left behind or secretly conveyed gentleness wasn’t enough to fulfill my expectations. Excitement would probably escape up to the back of my throat and choke me if I were to try to suppress it. Embarrassment that would probably make my heart explode if I were to admit to it.  I was dying to make it obvious, but didn’t want to get caught. That was the excitment we felt back in 1988. We were 18 years old back then.

Time continues on. That’s why time eventually creates farewells and it always leaves people with regrets. If you love someone, you have to tell them now before your fleeting days become filled with regret. In some ways, the biggest present that times leaves with us with is the memories we have of loving others. That’s why you have to shove embarrassment aside and confess your love to the one you love before it’s too late.

One’s feelings can be put into words. That’s why just one remark can give off warmth. In this cold, harsh world, the thing that allows alone to recognize the warmth that is present in life and makes it worth living is not a wise saying or a refined, witty remark. Rather, it is one warm remark filled with one’s raw, unrefined feelings.

Isn’t life… and this world… so unfair? Is life so difficult just to me? Why is mine like that?

A line indicates a limit, saying “that’s as far as you get”. To maintain that boundary means to maintain the same familiarity and it means that one will respect the universe that it outlines through abiding by its rules  and maintaining the relationships existing in it as they are. This also means that, if one were to never to cross that line, one would never experience the world, rules and relationships outside of the currently established boundaries. If you wishes for a new relationship, if one wishes for love, one must cross the line. If you were to not cross the line, that line would demarcate the limit of how far you and that person can go. Of course, there are some lines in this world that should never be crossed…

 At your age, parents with money are better than parents who are present. Do you understand that? So stop messing around and go home, already. Also, if you’re discontent with something, don’t run away from home. Just get angry. Why are you holding it in? They won’t know unless you tell them. How are they suppossed to know when you haven’t told them? Your mom and dad are busy enough as it is.  How can you expect them to take care of your mental state, too? First, go home and say that you’re sorry. If the mood doesn’t get better, run away from home again.

No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my kid.

 You hate seeing your mother suffering, right? And not seeing her suffer makes you feel more at ease. Well for your mom, not being able to buy you Nikes is what she hates most. Why are you only thinking about what’s most convenient for you? Have some consideration for how your mom feels. Is your peace of mind the only important thing, you immature punk? Loving someone is not just the feeling of wanting to give them things. It’s the desperate desire to give them things.

It’s really difficult to love someone. To love someone, does not only mean that you love to feel them near you, but it means to acclimate yourself to them. And also, to love someone, means that no matter how much pain or grief that person causes you, you find yourself wanting to hate them so much yet you can never bring yourself to hate them. To love someone, doesn’t mean that you don’t hate them. It means that you can’t hate them.

It’s okay if I lose this time, right?

Don’t act thoughtlessly. A real man should conduct himself calmly and move his body with as much prudence as if he were moving a mountain.

When I was young, Superman lived at my house. He was a MacGyver-type of guy who could fix anything in the world and he’d appear out of nowhere to fix every sort of problem. And he’d never show any sort of weakness whatsoever. However, I came to know the truth after growing out of my childhood. Just like Superman, they were all normal people whose true selves were still hidden.

Nobody knows what kinds of unfair, sad, scary, difficult things that fathers were forced to face throughout their lifetime. And now the reason why they endured through the unfair, sad, scary, difficult things in the world is because they had people they had to protect. It’s because they have families who depend on them as the “Father”.

Late winter of 1989. I’m not sure if my heart is racing because of my illness or because of her. I want to find out.

I believe in you.

If you want to know if someone likes you, look into their eyes. Eyes can’t lie.

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