Reply 1988’s quotes: The Confession

For those who didn’t watch it yet, this post contains SPOILERS!

Duk Seon, I was going to give it to you when I graduated, but I’m giving it to you now. I like you. I’m saying, I like you. Hey, do you know what I’ve done because of you? I waited an hour by the front door every day to go to school with you. I waited every night until you came home from studying.  And I couldn’t sleep at all because I was worried about you: “Why is she so late?”, “Did she fall asleep again?”. Hey, I thought of nothing but you. Just you. When I ran into you, by chance, on the bus and we went to the concert, also when I got the shirt from you on my birthday, I was really so happy that I thought I was crazy. I wanted to see you more that a dozen times a day. I was happy just to see you. I wanted to tell you this a long time ago. I really like you. I love you.

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1 Response to Reply 1988’s quotes: The Confession

  1. Kirana says:

    This damn thing broke my heart. JUNGHWAN ALWAYS AND FOREVER

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