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Geometrical Figures in Dramas : Triangles, Squares and Even Circles!

For someone who isn’t familiar with the specificity  of Asian soap opera, the title of the post may seem puzzling.  In turn, a seasoned drama watcher may immediately add: hey, what about squares and polygons? Asian soaps abound in geometrical … Continue reading

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Romance Tropes: Love triangles (1)

“…because a triangle is not a geometrical figure but a romance prerequisite! ” So this man X is pining for girl Y, who is the sister of man R, who is the brother of a friend of X….and he also … Continue reading

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Underdog drama: Taisetsu no Koto Wa Subete Kimi Ga Oshiete Kureta [J-Drama, 2011]

When a couple has nothing but love..when that love fades, there is nothing left..(..) but I want to chose a life with nothing but love. -Natsumi Genre: Romance, School, Drama Number of episodes: 10 Synopsis:  Toda and Miura play two … Continue reading

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