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Favourite Drama Shots: Jumong (1)

Jumong – Screenshot from one of the later episodes.  Jumong has a very nice cinematography in general. It is a highly recommended saeguk. It;s long but the story arcs are well paced and in a sense symmetrical. The drama traces … Continue reading

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Identity Issues: I (Don’t) Wanna be you!

Soul swapping,  cross dressing or otherwise disguisng-pretending to be someone to deceive others are fairly popular themes  in Asian mini soaps. They problematise the question of identity inasmuch the subject deconstructs himself/herself by adopting a new coating layer. A variant … Continue reading

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Drama Quote for Today .

So, even though I wanted to be an angel,
I didn’t cry when I knew I couldn’t fly.
Sky? So what if I cant fly the sky.
Heaven? So what if I cant go?
Here I have you whom I love.
And I have my mom who runs the fish market.
And I have my dad who has a warm heart.
So, I thought I didn’t need anything.
– Gook-soo

Padam Padam [K-Drama 2011]

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