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Random Wednesdays: Wednesdays with a Song

I”m still on hiatus. again thanks to Yeona for minding the store 🙂 This is ” Rain and You” from the lovely quaint movie, Radio Star. The charming Ahn Sung Ki and Park Joong Hoon pair up to offer a story … Continue reading

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Leisurely Mondays with a Good Vibe: News- Nantoka Narusa

I am temporarily out of the blogging loop due to real life..while Yeona has been meticulously minding the store. Thanks, Yeona. NEWS is a boysband working under Johnny’s Entertainment…Well…I’m not too keen on boysbands overall..but this song here is so contagiously … Continue reading

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Song of the Day : Person Who Gives Me Happiness

In two versions: one by SunFlower, and in the version used as OST to My Paparotti. Version from My Paparotti (no spoilers) – by Kang YoSep I found an English translation of the lyrics here    Some more perspective on … Continue reading

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Music Washes Away From The Soul The Dust Of Everyday’s Life, part I

There have been a number of music-centred shows in dramaland. Some of them featured classical music, others were simply heavily music-led. In yet others, music was of importance to characters. Here’s a look at some of these titles.

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MV of the day: K.Will- Please don’t…

The art of misleading the audience Comments below may contain some spoilers. Please watch the video first.

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