Song of the week: Day6- Congratulations

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Dr. Frost’s Quotes

Watch the drama on viki or read the webtoon here. Continue reading

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Quote it on Thursdays: You are my sister

Why does every love story seem the same? It starts with: I will make happy. It ends with: I hope you will be happy…

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Sing it on Friday: Yuk Ji Dam & Shannon- Love X Go away

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Quote it on Thursdays: I remember you

An elderly indian chief said to a child: In our hearts there are two wolves inside! One wolf is weak. What it has is: anger, jealousy, sadness, regret, vanity, greed, lies, pride, superiority, complexity. The other wolf is a good wolf. What it has is: happiness, love, hope, kindness, mercy, magnanimity, truth, compassion. The wolves always fight inside of us. So the child asked: “Which wolf wins?” The indian chief said: The one you feed.

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Things got busy

It may look like the site got a little neglected but both Yeona and me simply got busy with other things and also lacked inspiration. Well this is about to change as  I catch up with my Asian tv.  I apologise for the long period of silence.

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Picks of the month: drama, song, book (May 2015)

It’s been a while (busy busy busy with my last exam session) but here I am with new recommendations for this month. When I have time I watch Hwajeong and Warm and Cozy. I don’t know why but I tried to watch Orange Marmalade too. BIG mistake! But it introduced me to the world of webtoons. I knew about them before but I prefer the standard books over this genre so I’ve never actually read one until now. Orange marmelade- the drama was so cheesy and childish (like a freaking tribute to Twilight) that I had to check out the source. I read a few chapters and I really have no idea why the drama turned this way. But the good news are that thanks to it I found another webtoon which was very interesting, a story with a touch of mystery, irony and realism.

I wasn’t going to watch Hwajeong, somehow I sensed that I won’t like it (maybe I’ve seen too many sageuks so nothing surprises me anymore) but one of my friends started it and liked it so much that I was convinced to try it too. Guess what: she dropped it after 6 episodes and I still struggle with it because it’s so damn ordinary with a frustrating and inconsequent writing.

So which one is the drama of the month? Warm and cozy! Sometimes the main male character is getting on my nerves buuut at the same time he manages to do the sweetest things ever. Lucky Jung Joo! Meanwhile the female second lead is a lost cause and I pray to see her gone as soon as possible. I also pray for more scenes with Geun Woo’s older brother and his love interest. Oh and add more with the odd mayor too. XD

You can watch it here or here.

Songs of the month:

Big Bang- Loser

Yoon Mi Rae- I’ll listen to your story

Book of the month: It’s a webtoon!

Annasumanara by Ilkwon Ha

you can read it here for free

Yun Ai wanted to be a magician when she was little. But now in reality, she is a high school student who cannot even afford new stockings. Since the day she met a real magician at a fair, she desperately wants to follow her dream.- line webtoons

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Sing it on Friday: Shin Bora feat. VASCO- Mismatch

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Angry Mom’s Quotes (episodes 5-10)

Check out too: Angry Mom quotes (episodes 1-4)

No matter how much I don’t listen to you, you are always on my side.

Everyone lives believing what they want to believe. We all have to live believing in something. Being able to live without believing in anything is not human. 

 The helplessness that you feel now is what the kids are feeling. This means that you are now starting to be at the students’ level. It seems like my son is really becoming a teacher now.

No matter how scary the world is, bad people always receive punishment. That’s why, if you are scared and hide, the problem only becomes bigger. Hard things, difficult things, if there is any problem that you cannot solve yoursef, you have to tell me. 

I don’t think that being weak is a bad thing. I don’t think it’s bad to lose. However, if I make someone to become bad because I’m weak, I realize that’s a bad thing. Since I’m weak, I can’t protect anyone. I know now that it was my fault. So, I will have to become stronger.

Do you know what the fate of a leader is? In Chinese it’s a four-character idiom: “live alone, die alone”. No matter what others say, just live your own way. Be strong to people who are strong and be weak to people who are weak. You must be loyal and fight against injustice! If you are that kind of person, then no matter what anyone says, you are the top, even if you are alone. 

All this time, in your greenhouse, I lived very warmly. Because of you, I believed that there still was warmth in the world. Because I had that belief, I didn’t get hurt and I could stay strong until now. Thank you, father. But now I will go out of your shelter. I won’t remain like a kid where my father’s words are my entire world. Because my children are in a cold place with no one to protect them. Because they are in a dangerous place. 

Who would properly give love to a kid who had been abandoned by his/her mother? A child with no parents is treated like trash that can just be thrown away. 

Do you know what’s the scariest thing in the word? The truth. Seeing the true face.

If you do everything you are ordered to do, you will regret it. 

You have never sincerely loved your brothers, If you have loved them, for whatever reason, you would never hit them or boss them around. You are just a gangster to your bones. 

The naive and easy ones are the first to be eaten up. That’s how the world is. 

Watch it here or here.

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Sing it on Friday: miss A- Love song

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