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Bladey’s 5 Historical Dramas

There are many period pieces out there. I can only select from the few  that I have watched so far- but which I have really liked- and I only watched a few as they are time consuming. However, they also … Continue reading

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Journeying: Meeting Transcending Time

These dramas and films rely on the idea of time travel as as their  plot device and/or mechanics. There are a few which deal with reincarntation. They deal with meetings transcending time in a broad sense of the phrase. More … Continue reading

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Drama Quote of the Day: Taisetsu no Koto … [J-drama, 2011]

First she’s going to Tanzania to see the gnus There is nothing else there to see but gnus. You can see them crossing a river all together. Some of them will get eaten by lions and alligators but there will … Continue reading

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We Are Family: Dealing with the Death of a Family Member

When they are good, they often do not last long enough. We may not always meet them on screen, sometimes they remain in the background, but they often serve as a plot device for changing the characters or their priorities … Continue reading

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