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We are family: Supportive Family Members

These dramas focus on the good, supportive family relationships, where the family members are willing to go to any lengths to support their family and or individual members of their family.  More to come in future installments of the theme. … Continue reading

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Teachers and Us: Relationship with Teachers in or outside Classroom

Dramas exploring the relationship  teacher vs student(s)  but not necessarily in the school setting. Includes also interns and disciples and similar relations.  More to be added in the next installment of this theme

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Drama Quote of the Day: Taisetsu no Koto … [J-drama, 2011]

First she’s going to Tanzania to see the gnus There is nothing else there to see but gnus. You can see them crossing a river all together. Some of them will get eaten by lions and alligators but there will … Continue reading

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Underdog drama: Taisetsu no Koto Wa Subete Kimi Ga Oshiete Kureta [J-Drama, 2011]

When a couple has nothing but love..when that love fades, there is nothing left..(..) but I want to chose a life with nothing but love. -Natsumi Genre: Romance, School, Drama Number of episodes: 10 Synopsis:  Toda and Miura play two … Continue reading

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Identity Issues: I (Don’t) Wanna be you!

Soul swapping,  cross dressing or otherwise disguisng-pretending to be someone to deceive others are fairly popular themes  in Asian mini soaps. They problematise the question of identity inasmuch the subject deconstructs himself/herself by adopting a new coating layer. A variant … Continue reading

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We are Family: Looking for Lost Family Members

Theme showing the struggles of finding and trying to reconnect with family members who were lost to us, orphaned children, children abandoned who want to find the truth about their origins. INDEX: 

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Imposing Family Members

Slightly related to the theme of evil relative inasmuch as imposing family members tend to be seen as meddlesome and ununderstanding, wanting to force their own mind on the young ones.  However, their intentions are not always bad, they often … Continue reading

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We are family: That Evil Bastard

One of the frequent themes in these tv series is a thoroughly exaggerated presentation of family members. They are portrayed as excessively greedy, rotten to the core, even bent on doing harm, stopping at nothing out of jealousy,  greediness and … Continue reading

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Lessons from Dramas – Drama Theme Overview (2)

More overview of  themes fromAsian Drama Land.

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The Most Enticing Drama Poster of The Day – Legal High, 2012

A large poart of the attraction comes from a nice package, even though judging books by their covers is often misleading…the package does create half of the success of the product. We like to open nicely packaged presents… Legal High … Continue reading

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