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Reaction Sundays: Spring Days of My Life K-Drama, 2014

The Spring Days of My Life is a drama that can easily capture the heart of a sentimental person like myself. It seems to resemble the movie Return to me but as a good drama buddy of mine says, My … Continue reading

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Romance Tropes: Love triangles (1)

“…because a triangle is not a geometrical figure but a romance prerequisite! ” So this man X is pining for girl Y, who is the sister of man R, who is the brother of a friend of X….and he also … Continue reading

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Rich man, poor woman, or a rich woman and poor man? Is RMPW just another typical romance tropes drama?

The hottest romcommy story from Japan this season…you either love it to extreme or hate it and drop it..These are a few points about the drama that I thought are worth debating, as even though the drama  overall  heavily relies … Continue reading

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overcoming barriers and limitations: Considerable Age Difference in a couple.

These dramas focus on or feature romances with considerable age difference, in two variants: older man-younger woman and lately  very frequently older woman-younger man. More to come in future installments of the theme.

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Drama Quote of the Day: Taisetsu no Koto … [J-drama, 2011]

First she’s going to Tanzania to see the gnus There is nothing else there to see but gnus. You can see them crossing a river all together. Some of them will get eaten by lions and alligators but there will … Continue reading

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