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Bladey’s 5 Historical Dramas

There are many period pieces out there. I can only select from the few  that I have watched so far- but which I have really liked- and I only watched a few as they are time consuming. However, they also … Continue reading

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Favourite Drama Shots: Jumong (1)

Jumong – Screenshot from one of the later episodes.  Jumong has a very nice cinematography in general. It is a highly recommended saeguk. It;s long but the story arcs are well paced and in a sense symmetrical. The drama traces … Continue reading

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Things that Drama Characters never learn #1

This one is applicable especially to saeguks. Communication is vital. Learn to Communicate important things  BEFORE the things you suspect happen will happen…Rather than blame Fate afterwards.  So many things could be avoided if people stopped being taciturn and did … Continue reading

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Underdog Dramas: Jejoongwon, S.Korea, 2010

Genre: Medical, Historical Episodes: 36 Broadcast Network:SBS “Times are changing” is a suitable tagline for this drama.

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