What is this About?

About Bladey

Even though TV may seem like the bane of imagination and TV writing – the  death of writing, I am not so quick to discredit TV storytelling. A story comes to life not just through writing but also through acting and directing. It can still create resonance or leave something to ponder. I enjoy writing and keeping a blog on a focused subject is a great excercise in several things. First, it lets me experiment with ways of expressing myself in writing. Second, it is an excercise in keeping on topic and to the point. Aside from everything else, it’s just a lot of fun. Also, it’s a lot of fun to explore what popular culture has to offer.


  • I enjoy variety but principally seek stories which have a heart and are sympathethic or endearing. I think my favourite genre are Japanese family dramas as they tend to fit the description of “endearing”. Family is very important to me. Stories that celebrate bonding, togetherness, friendship and team spirit would also classify. I look for likeable things, I enjoy rooting for underdogs, but I”m not averse to shock, if it has something to convey like in Old Boy.
  • open endings and having my own theories about them, although not always.
  • imaginative stories of any kind. My motto is to keep an open mind- but I have limits

About Yeona:

Hey, I’m Yeona.

First of all, I’m a big fan of Yu-na Kim, one of the best figure skaters in the world.

I started watching dramas in the summer of 2009 and the first one was from South Korea: Jewel in the palace. I will always enjoy sageuks more than modern dramas because they are more inspiring and have more depth. At this moment I have a large number of favorite actors, but the first actor I liked was Lee Seo Jin because of his drama Yi San. After that, I started to watch modern dramas too and the first one was Lovers. Besides the OST from these dramas, the first kpop song I listened to was Big Bang- Tonight.  These days I like to listen to Beast, Big Bang, T-ara, Hyuna, Huh Gah, K. Will, B1A4, Winner, but also random songs and less known artists.

I hope that you will enjoy my posts and Bladey’s too.

5 Responses to What is this About?

  1. Ran says:

    Bladey! How are you? I miss MDL,, 😦

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