Quote it on Thursdays: Pinocchio

If it’s magic that can fool the entire world, then can it be turned into a miracle? If it’s a lie that can fool the entire world, then can it be turned into the truth? In that case… The whole world believes my brother to be a hero… if only I can just keep my silence, then wouldn’t my brother be able to live his life as a real life hero?

A truth trapped in a wall of lies may look still and peaceful like the calm waters. But without anyone even being aware of it, the truth found the tiniest crack in the wall and started leaking out toward the world. The truth slowly starts to leak out and forces that tiny crack even wider. Then, in one moment, the wall comes crumbling down and flows heavily out into the world…

In the end, the truth that I’ve wanted to keep hidden, it was found out by the one person who never should’ve known…

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