Picks of the month: drama, song, book (January, 2015)


Heart to Heart

Can love really cure a mental illness?

January 2015 came with three new dramas about mental issues: Heart to Heart, Kill me Heal me, Hyde Jekyll Me. The first drama with this kind of plot was It’s okay, that’s love.

All of them still have many episodes to air, we all know how wrong or good can a drama go during that time, so I will share only a short first impression. NO spoilers!

At this moment Heart to Heart is the only one out of three which comes close to the level of It’s Okay It’s Love. Hyde Jekyll Me is the second but it really has to fix its directing. Also a little bit of more originality wouldn’t hurt. Too many references to other shows don’t look very good in a plot. Kill me Heal me is the new queen of parodies, but it seems that some enjoy this style so it really depends on your own taste. If you liked You who came from the stars, you will like this one too. Ji Sung is trying his best, but why dear writer, did you have to write such an unconvincing psychiatrist? She’s exaggerated in every gesture, reaction, emotion. Thank you, Hyde Jekyll Me for not having too a romantic story between a psychiatrist and his pacient.

How is Heart to Heart any better? The story has depth, maturity, is unpredictable (trust me, I’m not lying) and the characters are complex and realistic. Yes, it has a doctor-pacient romance, but what is different here is that they take turns in healing each other and their relationship is from the beginning more than just professional. They act comfortable and natural around each other and like two grown-up adults. The main couple reminded me a lot of the one from It’s okay it’s love. But it’s just that feeling, I’m not saying that’s the same thing all over again. I like it because it’s not a conventional drama, the old story- candy girl falls in love with the cold guy. The main girl knows how to use her brain and that’s not a common thing in korean dramas. Don’t avoid it just because the cast is less popular compared to the other two dramas, they are doing a fantastic job and show a side of them you’ve never seen before in their other projects.


Mad Clown feat. Jinsil (Mad Soul Child)- Fire


All the bright places by Jennifer Niven

Less pretentious than The fault in our stars, more mature than Eleanor and Park, way more believable than Thirteen reasons why and almost as good as Forgive me, Leonard Peacock. [p.s.: I don’t recommend it to those who dealt with suicide problems before or to those who are easily affected or influenced.]


Quote: If someone else exists inside me… Then I hope it’s someone better than myself.  ~Hyde, Jekyll, Me

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