Quote it on Thursdays: My Parents Used to Tell Me: Quotes and Sayings by Drama Parents (Part I)

It’s said that loneliness accumulates slowly like faling snow and freezes the heart solid before you know it. That’s why parents have to be the ocean. Be the ocean and keep on smiling. Because snow doesn’t accumulate on the ocean – Tonbi 

Maybe you kids think it’s cool to have good grades or lots of money but that’s a big mistake. What’s truly important is your heart. Don’t get swellheaded. Think with your heart! Then you’ll know what’s really important to you or what you really want to do! But you kids get into trouble because you worry about what others will think. Isn’t the most important thing to like your own self? To live so you won’t be ashamed of yourself? – Oyaji

Since we have come into this world, we should let our lives burn brightly until the end. Use it all up! – Ryoma Den

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