Marry Me or Not Quotes (episodes 1-3)

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I am a b*tch that has to successfully get everything. A must gain woman.

In women’s war, there’s no giving in to elders. There’s only a winner and loser,  especially with love and relationships. For example, when women are going to a war-winning item, those who want to successfully have their own true love, they definitely don’t rely on mysterious fate. Instead, it’s about who is the most ruthless, who is more scheming. If in a women’s society, a b*tch is the winner, okay, I’d rather be one than a loser. Because I only believe in one thing: in this world, there’s no happiness that is attained without reason and there’s no such thing as real love. You have to get your own happiness.

Happiness is achieved by taking… from others.

So what if he is a lawyer. I hate lawyers the most, especially those who don’t even go to court and only handle divorce cases.

-The girl you wanted to introduce to me, what did you say she works as? Sales Manager? I recently had a divorce case where my client was a sales manager. This kind of girl wants to fight to everything, for money, for children, for house. She even wants to fight for a dog. Whoever marries this kind of girl is an unlucky one.

Marrying a divorce lawyer, that’s even more unlucky. Every penny he earns is from someone’s family’s happiness. He will suffer from retribution so it’s best to stay away from him.

-This kind of girl will say that she did everything for you, but in her eyes, you’re just a tool she has earned.

This kind of man only cares about work. The woman’s trouble are all nothing. He wouldn’t care if the people around them are happy or are suffering.

-In her eyes, men cannot earn less than them, because she will say you’re useless. But you can’t spend all your time earning money, because you have to accompany her to eat, go shopping, watch movies and walk around the streets.

Have men ever thought that when women eat, go shopping or watch movies, how much time do they need to dress up prettily?

-Everyone has 24 hours. Why would men have to do more than women?

There’s no problem to it. Men giving it to women is the right thing.

-They really don’t know how to write the word “reflect”. They always think that being women welcomed by men yet are hated by other women is being a real woman. Ridiculous.

You’re more ridiculous. Feeling good about yourself, don’t men love that? Men will never know how much more cruel the match is between women compared to men.

A wedding is just like the red wine. There’s no good or bad. There’s only match or not match with your taste. Your ex-husband only suits to drink the 10$ red wine from the supermarket, yet he chose a good classic bottle of year ’82 like you. He doesn’t know how to appreciate you. He let a classy bottle like you to sit on the side, waiting to change in quality.

Friendship between girls is thinner than a tissue.

You are the woman I must marry.

In my heart there is a very cute girl. She maybe won’t know how to cook but for me, she is willing to stand in the kitchen, flipping through the recipe book, while clumsily cutting vegetables. Maybe she won’t get why did I invite her to watch baseball games. Or maybe she hopes that I feel accompanied. So she works hard to remember the complicated baseball rules and memorizes the baseball players’ names that even I don’t remember. Even if we argue sometimes, every time after we fight, she knows that I won’t easily say “I’m sorry”, so during the times when I don’t know how to apologize, she would hug me from the back and tell me “I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight anymore, okay?”. Even if the world thinks of me as a failure man, only she will be by my side  ad accompany me, support me and encourage me. It’s not important how people look at me. Because in her eyes, I’m the best man in the world. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been together, how long we’ve loved each other. Even after being married for many, many years, I still can’t forget the first time I met her. The first time my heart was touched.

He made me feel like even if I’m not perfect, it’s okay. As long as I’m me, he will always love me.

In my all life of taking care of lawsuits, I’ve learned three things. Number one: don’t ask a woman why they fall in love. Number two: don’t ask a woman why she wants to marry. Number three: never ever ask a woman why she wants to divorce. These three statements have a similarity, do you know what is it? Women! Because when it comes to facing love, they will never tell the truth. When women are in love with you, they sure are cute, but when she doesn’t love you, she can be more ruthless than anyone else. Hate, is not a problem. The most annoying thing is that they don’t want to be the bad guy so they throw all the responsabilities to the men. And in the end even the house chores will be your responsibilities. If the words of people in love can be trusted, then even pigs can fly. Even if all the men on earth could understand this way of thinking and only women didn’t, they will say that men don’t understand love and marriage. What is there to understand about love? It’s when two people argue about who loves who more. As for marriage, it’s even more simple. When two people can’t settle who loves who more, then it will be the best for him to use marriage. Who hates who more. So what I’m saying is, don’t understand love. It’s better to understand the law.

If she wants to go, then quickly let her go. While you can get out of it, quickly run away.

Never trust women. Today she will talk about love. Tomorrow she will get a lawyer and sue your pants off. Then, in the end all you can do is watch her take your house, your car, your deposit, your child custody and even the dog! Even the court fees will have to be paid by you.

Living well alone, why would two people walk together, hand in hand into hell?

I think that dating is rather environmentally irresponsible. When you’re in a relationship, you have to go on dates, which means you have to drive around. I won’t mention how much that adds to the carbon emissions. You also have to eat fancy meals, and those foods, lobster, steak, abalone, they all need to take a plane. It’s a waste of the Earth’s resources. When you catch them, you’re also ruining the environment. The lengthier the process to produce, the worse it is for the environment. As for marriage, that’s even less environmentally fruendly. Do you know how many invitations need to be made for a wedding? And how many trees need to be cut down? The food for the guests, the air conditioning, all the flowers… it’s all a waste. The polar bears are all crying.

I don’t really despise marriage, it’s just that as I continue to live, the more I realize that a lot of people, having been in love for many years, even those, after having been married for many years, will all start to forget the first time they met each other and how their hearts fluttered for the first time.

Actually it’s not like that I don’t believe in love. It’s just that I want to find the first time my heart fluttered.

This society’s standards are unfair. When a man has loved many women, it’s called experience. When a woman has loved many men before, she’s considered to be non-committal.

I have been in love many times before. So what? Who can stand up and tell me that a woman who’s been in love many times before is wrong, something illegal? I don’t feel sorry to anyone. Every time I was in love, I was always committed. I gave my all in every single relationship. After every break-up, I would always tell myself: the mistakes you’ve made this time around, let’s not repeat them. I’ve liked the wrong person this time. Every single time I would control my feelings and I would try to improve myself. I wouldn’t just randomly love someone because I’m lonely.

A woman, if she hasn’t used her heart and dated a few times ad experienced heartbreak a few times, won’t know who she really wants.

Those ex-boyfriends, shoudn’t represent the idea that I’m a non-committal woman. It just means that I’ve failed at love. Even if it is like this, even if there will be many ups and downs when I’m in love, I always work hard. I always believe that in the end, I will find true happiness.

The world of love can’t tolerate a third person.

I shoudn’t have lied just to appear perfect to him. I shoudn’t have pretended to be happy just to make him like me a little more. I really shoudn’t have lied to myself.

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