Romance Tropes: Love Contract (1)

Love Contract : Let’s pretend to be together..and see where that leads us

This theme in general bases on the idea of  two vastly different people forced to team up together in one way or another and ending up falling in love.

More to come in future installments of the theme.

Alphabetical index of themes

This theme can take the form of  a dating contract:  stories where someone’s bothering you about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend; or otherwise you need a partner for some ocassion, there is no easier answer but to rent that girlfriend/boyfriend out for a while…until you do fall in love with them. Another form is “The Hateful but Inevitable Housemate”, where characters are forced to live together. Other forms can be work-related, but generally involving the same basic tropes. The agreement is consensual and mutal as both parties enter into this agreement because they have a common interest. The typical romance tension holds the plot: they hate each other or at least are distrustful of one another but grow to appreciate each other. The dramas or stories often rely on too sharp contrasts in the sense that the characters are both extremes and  they themselves are often extremely typical. The story is thus naturally characterised by constant bickering/bantering between the leads that has to be there to build up and ensure the chemistry. That’s why in a sense cast is the most crucial elements to enojy these type of dramas.

  • Full House
    The Contract is to share a house
  • 1% of anything
  • Secret garden
    The leads are inevitably forced to team up.
  • Creating Destiny
  • It started with a kiss
    Ditzy kind-hearted girl moves in with a cold, unfeeling genius type jerk.
  • My name is Kim Sam Soon
  • Nagareboshi
    A somewhat more serious variation. The love contract is set because of a specific need. This is a true buisness deal.
  • Fated to love you
  • Love Contract
  • Drunken to Love you
    She was dumped, he was dumped. They get drunk. They set a contract to fix all that.
  • Rent a girlfriend home for the New Year.
    He really needs a girlfriend to take home with him, he hires one.
  • That Fool
    It’s the kind of rich woman celebrity with a poor honest guy story.
  • Goong
    Koea is a monarchy. The princess needs to first learn to be one. Her husband is a cold guy. They live together, they eventually learn to get along.
  • Lie to me
    The contract is about a fake marriage
  • Kim Sam Soon
  • The greatest Love
    Pretend Marriage element
  • Sweet 18
  • Golden Bride
    A lengthy family drama which starts of as something of a mail-order bride story, arranged marriage and love contract theme all together.
  • Smiling pasta
    Celebrity guy and ordinary school girl must start a contract to protect his image.
  • Love you 10,000 years
  • 100 days with Mr Arrogant
  • Hotaru No hikari
    Inevitable housemates.
  • Rich Man poor Woman
    There is  limited-time work contract, the characters are vastly different, the characters grow qute attached to each other before the contract ends- and that results in what happens in the very final episodes-as a conseqwence of what essentially happened during the contract.
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